Virtual Coaching

No business owner has all the answers and know-how, thus utilizing a business coach can have a substantial impact on your business.



My Business Coach offers virtual coaching services to help business owners develop, implement and refine solutions to their current business challenges. Our coaches can provide insight and work with you behind the scenes to troubleshoot, discuss options and think through key decisions that can improve your company’s performance.

3 Different Virtual Coaching Options

(Select the option that’s right for you.)

Coaching: 1/2 Hour

This is a single 30-minute virtual coaching session with one of our business experts. This option is perfect if you need a little helpful insight, have a few unanswered questions, could use some help generating new ideas, or perhaps a combination of all of these.


Coaching: 2 Hours

This is a bank of 2 hours, which can be used in one session or multiple coaching sessions. This option is for the business owner who is tackling big challenges within their business, or looking to schedule multiple 30-minute coaching sessions as needs arise.


Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription option provides up to 2.5 hours of coaching every month. This option is ideal for the business owner who understands the value of having a business coach every step of the way, whether creating, launching or growing their business.

$ 200.00

Monthly (auto-renews)

“My Business Coach has not only provided the tools I’ve needed to successfully launch my business but they have coached me every step of the way, which has been priceless.”

Carrie T., new business owner

“A great business coach is someone who has experienced the challenges of business ownership.”