The Complete Solution to Launching Your Business Worry Free

2 out of 10 small businesses fail in their first year.
Half of all small businesses fail within 5 years.



New business needs a strong foundation

You know your skills. But building a business that runs profitably is a different beast—sheer
talent or a great product is not enough. We’ve seen too many entrepreneurs fail because they
don’t have the proper foundation to build on. They get bogged down with unnecessary
degrees and massive student debt. They waste valuable time and make mistakes that cost
them everything

In other words, they don’t know how to turn all their skills into a flourishing company.

That’s why we created My Business Coach.


You know the craft. We know the business.

Sick of all talk and no action from entrepreneurship “gurus”? Us too.

Inspirational YouTube videos are great, but you feel alone when it’s time to put pen to paper.
Business operations, value propositions, supply chains, marketing, advertisements (what the
heck is SEO?), branding, cost models, accounting…the list goes on.

You’re cramming that information in without a framework to hold it all together. We give you
useful tools that structure your ideas and eliminate unnecessary steps. You’ll build your
business from the ground up and be confident it can stand on its own.

Entrepreneurs using My Business Coach are 5x more likely to launch a successful business.


Save time. Start today.

You don’t have hundreds of hours to waste on useless talk and aimless how-to videos. You
need real solutions and hands-on materials that apply to your business.

We know the kind of work it takes to make a business from scratch. We’ve been
there—juggling jobs, a venture, family, friends, trying to pay rent every month—it’s tough.
You’re busy. But the chance to sit in the driver’s seat is worth the effort. Time is your most
valuable resource, so you have to make the most of it.

We hate seeing smart entrepreneurs waste time and energy on the wrong content. We direct
your focus on what matters most to your business. With the time you saved, you’ll be free to
focus on what matters most to you.

We’re proud to say that the average person saved 213 hours by launching their company with
My Business Coach. That’s over a month of time to spend growing your new business. It
means you’ll spend less time learning from newbie mistakes, and more time building a
business model that works.


My Business Coach is a turnkey solution for a successful launch

We pulled together the most important elements for starting a business and created a course
that fits you. Then, we found industry experts to guide you down the path to success.


Move at your own pace.

Make your own schedule and complete modules in your own time. You can go back and
review or skip to any lesson you need. No one will rush you or slow you down.


Learn anytime, anywhere.

We made our modules into compatible file formats that are easy to read. Take your business
lessons on the go and start learning on the bus, plane, or train. Sneak a peek at work—just
make sure your boss isn’t around. Its perfect for creating a business at home


No tuition fees. No surprises.

Our prices are up-front and clear. Get all you need to launch your business the right way
without expensive consultants or outrageous college prices.


A multi-disciplinary team to guide your success

Our modules provide solutions to your most important problems. Still, we find specific issues
come up from time to time.

When you become a member of the My Business Coach family, you’ll gain access to an
exclusive forum. Our experts will answer your tricky, burning questions within a few hours’


You’ll have a team of business experts who support you from day one:





Dennis Hough
Founder & Principal Consultant

Dennis is the founder of Affirm Consulting and My Business Coach. As a degreed industrial engineer and business process expert, Dennis has a diverse background in executive leadership, business start-up & ownership, production management, engineering, quality assurance and strategy development for diverse, multidisciplinary companies. His experience leading business operations and coaching companies through significant growth is the cornerstone of Affirm Consulting’s reputation as a strategic hands-on partner to small and mid-sized firms, and the proving ground for the resources, tools, and expertise offered by My Business Coach.


Susanne Dalton Dupes
Employee Engagement
Trainer & Consultant




Roberto Rinaldi
Strategy & Operations




Kris Rajan
Business Coach & Consultant




Holly Barrett, CPA
Project Consultant




Doug Nickelson
Strategy & Operations

What you’ll get with a membership

  • 21 modules full of vital information for new entrepreneurs
  • 100+ pages of expertise & insight from business experts
  • 15 business tools to turn your idea into a reality
  • Exclusive access to the ‘Ask the Experts’ online forum

It’s time to get serious about showing the world your ideas. This is rich information you can
use to start your business today. It’s not conceptual, up-in-the-clouds mumbo jumbo for the
professors and big wigs. These are practical, proven, pressure-tested techniques for
launching a business into the stratosphere.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn (your customers will thank you!):

Creating your Business Checklist
Guide to Starting Your Business

1. Defining Your Products & Services
2. Identifying Your Target Markets & Market Potential
3. Defining Your Sales Channels
4. Defining Your Value Proposition
5. Building A Strong Value Proposition
6. Identifying Your Key Business Resources
7. Developing Suppliers & Key Partners
8. Establishing Customer Interface & Interaction
9. Calculating Your Initial Startup Costs
10. Establishing Your Revenue Model
11. Establishing Your Cost Model
12. Developing Your Business Name
13. Registering Your Business
14. Evaluating Your Business Model
15. Setting Your Operating Budget
16. Defining Your Company Brand
17. Location, Layout & Launch
18. Marketing Your Business
19. Your Role as the Business Owner

“The tools and expertise provided by My Business Coach were instrumental in helping me

start my business.”
– Louie G.small business owner

“My Business Coach is ideal for every entrepreneur and a must for anyone hoping to secure a
business loan to start their business.”
– C. F.commercial banker

“There were lots of unknowns when I first launched my business, but My Business Coach
guided me every step of the way.”
– Carrie owner

Starting a business is like hiking up a mountain

…and everyone knows you don’t hike up a mountain alone. On this wild journey, you need
experienced climbing buddies. We’ll check your gear, keep an eye out for hazards, and show
you paths that will keep your business safe.

Click the “I want to get started!” button to sign up for a membership and join the My
Business Coach family. We’re that cheesy family that wears matching t-shirts, so we’ll send
you one of those, too.

*As an added Bonus, all active My Business Coach members have access to the members-
only ‘Ask the Experts’ forum, where you can submit questions to our team of business experts
for their input, as well as view questions and answers previously submitted by other business
owners and entrepreneurs.