How to launch your business and be confident it
will succeed

You’ve been lied to. Starting a business is not a “leap of faith”. You don’t have to cross
your fingers and hope it all works out. It’s not a game of chance.


The success of a business is often predictable

Does Warren Buffet make an investment by reading tea leaves? Does Apple throw a dart at
the wall to decide which product to launch? The greatest business minds agree on one
simple fact—a new venture is carefully executed…and even more carefully planned.
Listen to Warren Buffet say it in his own words:

“Never invest in a business you cannot understand. Risk comes from not
knowing what you’re doing.”

Figuring out what you’re doing isn’t easy. You’re floundering in the beginning—drowning in
pages and pages of overly-broad blog posts and hours of scammy videos. There’s too
much to learn: Business operations, value propositions, supply chains, marketing,
advertisements (what the heck is SEO?), branding, cost models, accounting…the list goes

Here’s the good news: you have something even the titans of business want. That’s right.
Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg. They all want what you have. And it’s a secret
weapon you didn’t even know existed.

You have a shoshin.

In Japanese Zen Buddhism, the word “shoshin” means “beginner’s mind”. It’s that sense of
awe, curiosity, and hunger you feel when you think about starting your business. You’re a
sponge, but you also think creatively. And there’s nothing on Earth like it. The beginner’s
mind sees the world differently. You may not have a doctorate degree in business or see
the world through dollar-sign lenses, but you have a leg up because of your fresh

You’ve probably heard you don’t need a degree to start your own business. At
least—Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson didn’t think so—or
they wouldn’t have dropped out of school. They knew the best principles weren’t hidden
behind four years of tuition payments. Those tried and tested principles were only learned
by experience.

Steve Jobs said it better than we ever could:

“If you are willing to work hard and ask lots of questions, you can learn
business pretty fast.”

You can scour hundreds of the best business textbooks and never find what you’re looking
for. Real-world scenarios and practical exercises beat theory and concepts every time. If
you follow the right paths, a new venture never has to be a gamble.


Can your business survive launch? Most don’t.

Eggs. Crystal glasses. Your heart at the end of Marley & Me. Nothing is more fragile than a
newly-launched business. That’s why half of all small businesses fail before their 5th
birthday. What separates the brilliant successes from the doomed failures? We’ll get to that

Everyone can learn a thing or two from a woman named Sara Blakely. Sara was a door-to-
door fax machine salesman—about as thankless as a job gets. Every time she tried
something new, she was brutally rejected. When she tried to be a lawyer like her dad, she
failed the LSAT…twice. When she dreamed of working as Goofy in Walt Disney World, they
hired her as a chipmunk instead. When she tried to sell fax machines, she literally had
doors slammed in her face every day.

After so much heartbreak, Sara started looking for ways to feel better about herself. She
searched for an undergarment that could be slimming, seamless, and discreet.
Experimenting with her pantyhose one night, she cut the feet off and found that what she
had left was a game-changer. Her eyes widened when she realized what she’d stumbled 
on. That night, the SPANX company was born.

Things didn’t just fall into place for Sara’s amazing product. This was only the start of
another long line of rejections and heartbreaks. She had no idea how to start manufacturing
her garments. She had no business experience and zero guidance. After wasting months
with little direction and even less success, one manufacturer took pity on her. He said she
reminded him of his daughter.

SPANX is now a billion-dollar company. Sara Blakely is one of the most successful
entrepreneurs in the world. But it took a manufacturer’s pity on her lack of knowledge to
finally break through. She had a remarkable product that would make life easier for women
everywhere, but she was stuck and reliant on the pity of others. She was lucky, but it’s all
too easy to imagine Sara’s story ending up in the doomed half of newly-launched

How different would things have been for Sara if she knew how to navigate those early
days? How much time and money would she have saved? Even more concerning—how
many failed businesses could have survived with just a little more guidance?

Success in your career does not automatically translate to a successful business. We
created My Business Coach to help people like you—small business owners who want
to learn without having to make every mistake in the book. You have too much skin in the
game to risk starting your business on crossed fingers and luck.

So what separates the brilliant successes from the doomed failures?

A killer offer is only the start. A solid framework and a bulletproof business plan turns
a dream into a flourishing business. When it comes to your future, you can’t trust your gut.
You can only trust the proof.

Here’s some of that proof: entrepreneurs using My Business Coach are 5x more likely to
launch a successful business. We’ve spent our entire careers getting small businesses
through the perils of a launch. Every bit of that experience is funneled into over 100 pages
of practical guides, tools and expertise to help you through every stage of starting your

The entrepreneur life is within your grasp

Choose your own hours. Give yourself vacation days. Spend more time with your kids. For
nine-to-fivers, that sounds like a pipe dream. For you, it’ll be a fact of life.

Owning a business is hard and anyone who tells you otherwise shouldn’t be trusted. But it’s
also one of the most rewarding things a person can do. The chance to sit in the driver’s seat
is worth every challenge you endure.

You’re pulled in a million directions every day. Your work, family, bills, relationships, and
now a new venture threaten to wear you down to the bone. You have to bring your A-game.
At My Business Coach, we help you focus on what matters most to your business so you
can focus on what matters most to you.

We’re proud to say that the average person saved 213 hours by launching their
company with My Business Coach. That’s over a month of time to spend on growing
your new business. It means you’ll spend less time learning from newbie mistakes, and
more time:

  • Building a business model that works
  • Growing as an entrepreneur
  • Enjoying a more balanced family life
  • Giving those you love a better lifestyle

My Business Coach is a turnkey solution for a successful

We pulled together the most important elements for starting a business and created a
course that fits you. Then, we found industry experts to guide you down the path to

Move at your own pace.

Make your own schedule and complete modules in your own time. You can go back and
review or skip to any lesson you need. No one will rush you or slow you down.

Learn anytime, anywhere.

We made our modules into compatible file formats that are easy to read. Take your
business lessons on the go and start learning on the bus, plane, or train. Sneak a peek at
work—just make sure your boss isn’t around.

No tuition fees. No surprises.

Our prices are up-front and clear. Get all you need to launch your business the right way
without expensive consultants or outrageous college prices.

Our team becomes your team

Our modules provide solutions to your most important problems, but we know you’ll face
unexpected challenges. You’ll have tough questions specific to your business.

When you become a member of the My Business Coach family, you’ll gain access to our
exclusive Ask the Experts forum. We’ll answer your tricky, burning questions and keep
you moving forward.


You’ll have a team of business experts who support you from day one:





Dennis Hough
Founder & Principal Consultant

Dennis is the founder of Affirm Consulting and My Business Coach. As a degreed industrial engineer and business process expert, Dennis has a diverse background in executive leadership, business start-up & ownership, production management, engineering, quality assurance and strategy development for diverse, multidisciplinary companies. His experience leading business operations and coaching companies through significant growth is the cornerstone of Affirm Consulting’s reputation as a strategic hands-on partner to small and mid-sized firms, and the proving ground for the resources, tools, and expertise offered by My Business Coach.


Susanne Dalton Dupes
Employee Engagement
Trainer & Consultant




Roberto Rinaldi
Strategy & Operations




Kris Rajan
Business Coach & Consultant




Holly Barrett, CPA
Project Consultant




Doug Nickelson
Strategy & Operations

What you’ll get with a membership

  • 21 modules full of vital information for new entrepreneurs
  • 100+ pages of expertise & insight from business experts
  • 15 business tools to turn your idea into a reality
  • Exclusive access to the ‘Ask the Experts’ online forum

It’s time to get serious about showing the world your ideas. This is rich information you can
use to start your business today. It’s not conceptual, up-in-the-clouds mumbo jumbo for the
professors and big wigs. These are practical, proven, pressure-tested techniques for
launching a business into the stratosphere.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn (your customers will thank you!):

Creating your Business Checklist
Guide to Starting Your Business

1. Defining Your Products & Services
2. Identifying Your Target Markets & Market Potential
3. Defining Your Sales Channels
4. Defining Your Value Proposition
5. Building A Strong Value Proposition
6. Identifying Your Key Business Resources
7. Developing Suppliers & Key Partners
8. Establishing Customer Interface & Interaction
9. Calculating Your Initial Startup Costs
10. Establishing Your Revenue Model
11. Establishing Your Cost Model
12. Developing Your Business Name
13. Registering Your Business
14. Evaluating Your Business Model
15. Setting Your Operating Budget
16. Defining Your Company Brand
17. Location, Layout & Launch
18. Marketing Your Business
19. Your Role as the Business Owner

“The tools and expertise provided by My Business Coach were instrumental in helping me

start my business.”
– Louie G.small business owner

“My Business Coach is ideal for every entrepreneur and a must for anyone hoping to secure a
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– C. F.commercial banker

“There were lots of unknowns when I first launched my business, but My Business Coach
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– Carrie owner

Starting a business is like hiking up a mountain

…and everyone knows you don’t hike up a mountain alone. On this wild journey, you need
experienced climbing buddies. We’ll check your gear, keep an eye out for hazards, and show
you paths that will keep your business safe.

Click the “I want to get started!” button to sign up for a membership and join the My
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*As an added Bonus, all active My Business Coach members have access to the members-
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