Frequently Asked Questions

With My Business Coach, will I be able to start my own business?

That’s the goal! My Business Coach provides key information, tools and expertise needed to confidently create, launch and grow your own business. Membership also provides access to our ‘Ask the Experts’ Forum, which can provide helpful insight into specific questions or challenges you might be facing or anticipating.  

I am a novice about starting or running a business, is My Business Coach a good resource for me?

Absolutely. Our business resources are written in layman’s terms, so extensive business experience isn’t needed to understand and utilize our tools, resources and provided business expertise. Although My Business Coach would be a tremendous asset to the novice business owner and entrepreneur, our business resources are far reaching beyond just business basics, covering topics and providing valuable tools and knowledge for every level of business ownership.

Why would I want to purchase a subscription versus making a one-time purchase?

We understand subscription-based services are not for everyone, however there are many benefits to maintaining active membership and a subscription is a great way to prevent a lapse in your membership and save some money too.

How long is a typical virtual coaching session?

Coaching sessions vary from client to client, depending or their availability and specific needs.  Some clients utilize all of their purchased coaching time in one session, while other clients break up their bank of purchased coaching hours into multiple sessions, as the need arises.

What do I need to have to effectively use My Business Coach?

Whether you are utilizing the online business resources, ‘Ask the Experts’ forum or the virtual coaching, you won’t need to purchase or have anything other than a smartphone or computer, and an active membership. 

What kind of support is there besides the online resources and coaching options?

In addition to the online business resources and virtual coaching services, My Business Coach provides support via our members-only ‘Ask the Experts’ forum.  This is where members are able to ask questions and gain further knowledge that will be useful for your specific business needs.  

Do purchased Coaching hours expire?

Yes.  Purchased virtual coaching hours expire 1-year from the date of purchase;

Monthly subscription (virtual coaching) hours expire at the end of each month, with no accumulation or carryover. 

Does My Business Coach offer discounts or promo codes?

1.) There is a substantial built-in discount for purchasing an annual membership versus the basic membership package, which dramatically increases the length of your membership for only $100 more than the basic membership price.

2.) Some coaching packages provide discounted pricing, depending on the number of hours purchased; Purchasing the virtual coaching monthly-subscription provides the greatest discount available.

NOTE: No coupon or promo code is needed to automatically receive the discounted pricing, as noted above.

Do you offer refunds for members wishing to cancel their membership?

No, once you purchase a membership and access our members only area, we are unfortunately unable to offer full or partial refunds, as there’s nothing to keep someone from purchasing a membership, downloading all of our business resources and then requesting a refund. Yes, that happens all the time, so regardless of whether you would or wouldn’t do this, it’s our policy to not offer full or partial refunds. If you have questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact us at before purchasing a membership, as we want you as confident about your purchase as we are about helping make your business a success.

Please Note: Cancelling a subscription (auto-renewal) membership will remain as an ‘active member’ through the current billing cycle, however no additional payments will be processed/collected for a cancelled subscription membership.

What are the common mistakes made by business owners & entrepreneurs?

The biggest mistake a small business owner and entrepreneur can make is believing they can just pay someone to do the work, and homework, necessary to make their business a success. The fact is, no one will ever be as passionate about your business as you, so thinking that someone else will carry the load, especially in the early stages can be a costly misconception.

The second mistake made by far too many entrepreneurs and small business owners is: thinking they can go it alone and just figure it out along the way. Nothing could be further from the truth, because in business what you don’t know can and will hurt you, and usually when you’re least expecting it. Our experience has shown that the more resources and expertise a small business owner surrounds him/herself with, the higher the probability their business will be a success. To the contrary, we have seen many a small business owner isolate themselves with the opinions of family and friends, and although those individuals love you, they unfortunately don’t always give you the most sound business advice.

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