Improve Your Odds of Success As a Solo Entrepreneur

by Dominic Basulto, contributing writer

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), half of all new businesses fail within the first five years of being open. And in some industries – such as the restaurant industry – the failure rate is even higher than that. So why not improve your odds of future success by using proven resources and tools used by business growth experts to grow numerous small businesses and startups?

The business growth experts at Affirm Consulting have developed My Business Coach as a comprehensive set of tools and resources for the startup entrepreneur. You can think of it as a one-stop shopping destination for entrepreneurial know-how, covering areas such as business operations, marketing and finance.

My Business Caoch - Create, Launch and Grow Your BusinessFor example, what happens if you’re looking to raise capital for your new company, and local venture capitalists tell you that you can’t raise capital without a business plan? That’s why one of the key features of My Business Coach is access to business plan templates that you can easily adapt to your own unique venture.

My Business Coach is the solution for entrepreneurs

With My Business Coach, you’ll get access to smart thinking on every aspect of starting and launching a new business, from strategic planning to business operations to sales and marketing. You’ll regain control of your company, and you’ll regain control of your time – which is perhaps the most valuable resource that you have as an entrepreneur. You’ll literally have the information you need to make smart business decisions right at your fingertips.

And, best of all, this expertise is all backed up by decades of experience. The business growth experts at Affirm Consulting have seen it all working with clients nationwide, and they have specifically designed aspects of My Business Coach for local market factors. It’s all part of their commitment to the local community, and helping local entrepreneurs find success doing what they love to do.

Many of the toughest decisions that you will face as an entrepreneur are those that you probably do not want to face alone. For example, you might have questions about launching new products that literally represent a do-or-die situation for your company. Get the product launch right, and you’re on the way to building a million-dollar company. Get the launch wrong, though, and you could be facing a serious squeeze on your cash flow and awkward meetings with investors.

One key to future entrepreneurial success is simply avoiding all the land mines along the way. How many times have you heard someone say, “I wish I had known that before I started my company…”? Famous last words, right? Well, with My Business Coach you won’t be using that throwaway line, because you will know everything you need to know about starting and launching a business from the very beginning.

So use what the business experts use: My Business Coach. It contains all the resources you need in order to make your company a success. No more endless business meetings that seem to go nowhere. No more sleepless nights wondering if you made the right decision. And no more second-guessing yourself after making an important strategic choice. The ultimate way to learn how to improve your odds of success as a new solo entrepreneur.