Launching Your Business

  • Are the unknowns of launching your new business causing you stress?

  • Is your cashflow or ability to obtain new customers less than you anticipated?

  • As a business owner, do you know where to focus your energies when launching your business?

If any of these scenarios describe you, then our Launching Your Business module has the expertise, resources and tools developed just for you. Whether you’ve already started your business, or your business launch date is drawing near, the biggest challenge in the early stage of your business is operating with enough cashflow and owner bandwidth for you the business owner to work your plan and set the course for making your business a success.

If you run out of time, money or both then your small business becomes just another statistic in the thousands of businesses that go out of business every year. Don’t let your business, your invested time & money, and the dream of successful business ownership be jeopardized by not having the tools, resources, and expertise you need to be successful

 First time business owners, let us assure you that owning a business is no easy task. Most important, you need to understand that owning a business, especially a successful business, takes a great deal of work and to those willing to go it alone, without utilizing the expertise and lessons learned from others, they quickly find out that owning a struggling business is even harder work. But long hours and hard work will only take you so far, that’s why My Business Coach provides you with the tools, resources and expertise to work smarter not harder.

The fact is, there are no magic beans and/or pixy dust to make every business a success, however there are proven methodologies, tools, resources and expertise that when appropriately applied and utilized dramatically increases the probability of your business being a success. The team at My Business Coach has decades of experience in what works, and just as important what doesn’t work, when it comes to successfully launch your business. Just as you wouldn’t build a house without first having the right tools and ‘know how”, so is true for starting a successful business. If you are ready to begin this journey with the knowledge & know how of a team of business experts in your corner, then becoming a member of My Business Coach is the best investment you could make in your new business

Choose the membership level that’s right for you:

Basic Membership

Basic Membership provides 90-day access to all the Launching Your Business resources, tools and expertise.  Includes membership access to the ‘Ask the Experts’ forum.


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Annual Membership provides 365-day access to all the Launching Your Business resources, tools and expertise. Includes membership access to the ‘Ask the Experts’ forum;

*BONUS: 90-day trial membership to next step resources in Growing Your Business.


Choose the membership level that’s right for you: Basic Membership provides you with 90-day access to all (the entire online library of) the Launch Your Business resources, tools, and expertise. Annual Membership provides you with a full year (365 days) access to the entire online library of the Creating our Business resources, tools, and expertise, in addition to a 90-day trial membership of Grow Your Business. 

*As an added Bonus, all active My Business Coach members have access to the members-only ‘Ask the Experts’ forum, where you can submit questions to our team of business experts for their input, as well as view questions and answers previously submitted by other business owners and entrepreneurs.

“When I first launched my business it was overwhelming and stressful. I highly recommend My Business Coach to help avoid major setbacks and steer clear of common mistakes.”

Louie G., small business owner

“Approximately 1/3 of all new businesses fail within the first 2 years; don’t let your business become a statistic.”