Welcome to My Business Coach. We are thrilled you have chosen to partner with us, and we stand committed to helping you and your business achieve your business goals.

Your purchased coaching can be used in one session or segmented into any combination of 30-minute increments, whatever best suits your specific business needs.

We know you’re ready to get started, so let’s begin:  

1.) SCHEDULING A SESSION: To schedule a coaching session, contact us at coaching@mybusinesscoach1.com and provide the following information:

  • Member Name: ____________________
  • Requested Date & Time: ___/___/___ @ __:____ am/pm (EST)
  • Requested Coaching Session Length (30, 60, or 90-minutes): ______ minutes
  • Preferred Method (phone call or video conference call): ______________
  • Topics to be addressed (this is so we can partner you with a business coach who can bring the greatest value to your specific needs): ____________________________
  • Requested Business Coach (if you have previously worked with one of our business coaches): _________________

Or use the form below:

    2.) SESSION CONFIRMATION: My Business Coach will contact you to confirm your scheduled coaching session. We will also notify you of the name of the ‘My Business Coach’ coach who will be working with you during your scheduled coaching session.   

    3.) PLANNING YOUR SESSION: We encourage you to spend some time, prior to your scheduled coaching session, compiling your questions and topics to be discussed, in an effort to best use your coaching session

    4.) COACHING SESSION: On the day & time of your scheduled coaching session, your ‘My Business Coach’ coach will contact you at the scheduled start time, by your requested method of communication (phone/video). 

    PLEASE NOTE: If a ‘My Business Coach’ coach contacts you earlier than your scheduled session start time, feel free to answer (if you are available to do so), as you will not be charged for the additional few minutes. 

    No Shows: If your business coach is unable to reach you at your scheduled start time, they will leave a voicemail (if possible) and it will then be the member’s responsibility to callback the business coach to begin the coaching session. If the member fails to callback, the ‘My Business Coach’ coach will again try contacting you at 5 minutes after the scheduled start time and again at 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, however if they are still unable to reach you, then this coaching session will be considered a ‘No Show’ and the member will incur a ‘No Show’ penalty, as detailed in our Terms & Conditions

    Session Overruns: We understand that sometimes more time with our coaches is needed than first anticipated, however any sessions which run longer than 5 minutes past the scheduled end time will incur an additional 30-minute deduction of purchased coaching hours, as outlined in our Terms & Conditions

      *My Business Coach will only contact you via the provided contact information in your Member Profile.

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”