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Growing your Business

Welcome. We are thrilled to be partnered with you on this journey, and excited for what the future holds for you and your business. Your membership with My Business Coach provides you access to a multitude of tools, resources insight and expertise, thus we encourage you to take a look around and get familiar with all the tools and resources that are now available to you.

There’s plenty of work to done though, so let’s get started.

1.) As a first step, please review the Growing Your Business – Checklist, which will outline all the elements we will cover with you during this critical ‘Grow’ phase of your business. Although a great visual tool, we would highly recommend you use this Checklist to actually track your progress.

2.) The Guide to Growing Your Business will serve as your roadmap, and although it’s not meant to serve as a step-by-step instruction, it will guide you through the various elements of growing your business. You should use the Guide in conjunction with your provided Checklist to address and work through each of the noted growth elements. As you will notice, the guide is color-coded to help prioritize your efforts,  as you will inevitably be working on multiple elements of your business at the same time, and this is to be expected. Limited or no available bandwidth for business owners is the #1 challenge most growing businesses face, so be cognizant of this and be sure to balance your workload, so as not to be consumed by one aspect of your business.

3.) Stay laser focused on what needs to be accomplished, as entrepreneurs tend to gravitate towards those things they enjoy working on and ultimately neglect those segments of their business that they don’t enjoy or feel impossible to accomplish. It’s imperative to ‘do the work’ necessary to accomplish each element; IMPORTANT: Your business will only be as strong as your weakest link, so cutting corners and incomplete work in the growth phase of your business, will inevitably result in overlooked weaknesses within your business. These weaknesses or gaps in the operations of your business, your team and growth strategy could be the tipping point to whether you successfully grow your business or send it into a tailspin.

Helpful Tips: Our experience has shown that resolving weaknesses & gaps within your business during the ‘growth phase’ can be very difficult and tedious to correct, but make no mistake about it, the sooner these weaknesses or gaps are addressed, and resolution implemented, the stronger your business will be. Otherwise, these same gaps & weaknesses will continue to devour your time and money, and rarely do they just go away, so don’t make the mistake of just trying to wait them out. Even if they are tolerable (The enemy of success is ‘good enough’), as your business grows, these same gaps & weaknesses have a tendency to grow in size until they become unbearable to the business – negatively impacting how your business operates or diminishing the effectiveness and profitability of the business, neither of which you want in your business.

 4.) Utilize the Expertise & Helpful Tips (expertise documents) to provide insight and help fill in the blanks and provide more detail, as needed to navigate through the various elements of Growing Your Business. The expertise & helpful tips are based on decades of experience working with entrepreneurs, small businesses and small business owners, so take heed of the information, insight and lessons learned in each of these resources, as here’s where you can leverage the knowledge and expertise of our entire team to build a more effective, more efficient and ultimately more successful & profitable business.

5.) The Tools and Resources are applications and information you can use during the growth of your business, many of which are referenced within our Expertise & Helpful Tips. The Tools provided are actual applications that we have developed and utilized extensively with previous clients, thus there’s no reason for you to re-invent the wheel. Instead take the provided tool and either utilize it in its entirety or modify for your specific business. The Resources are a wide array of information, third-party tools/resources or website which you may find helpful:

Tools – Most of our provided tools are spreadsheets, forms, documents or sometime formulas/equations that can be utilized to develop, evaluate, operate or analyze some segment of your business. Most all of our provided tools are unlocked files, which means you can modify them to your specific business needs and/or customize them to the look & feel of your business (for example, your company logo, address, etc.). The Samples and How-To Examples included with many of the Tools are typically locked files (.pdf files), which means they can be viewed but not customized or modified, as these files are only intended to serve as a suggested guide on ‘How To’ utilize the actual Tool (spreadsheet, form, etc.).

Resources –  These are articles, links, or additional snippets of information which you may find helpful. We identified these resources to be very insightful, but some may be more focused for a specific type of business or industry, so take note of the specific information found within these resources and make sure they apply to your business.

Please Note: Although we have vetted and selected to include these resources, My Business Coach is not liable for the content or the security of these listed resources, thus please use caution when utilizing third-party websites and/or the information contained within these sites. Many of our listed resources are third-party provided information and/or links which will take you to a third-party website, so My Business Coach does not claim to be the owner or author of these provided resources/websites, unless otherwise specifically denoted. [Terms & Conditions]

 6.) ’Ask the Experts’ Forum – We realize you are going to have questions or need clarification along the way, so if you can’t find the answer to your questions within the guide, expertise or resources pages, then utilize the ‘Ask the Experts’ forum. First, search the forum for the question or topic you’re looking for, and if you don’t find any helpful information utilizing the ‘Search’ results, then submit your question. You can typically expect a forum response from one or more of our business experts within 12 hours. Remember, the ‘Ask the Experts’ forum is only accessible to active members, so the general public can not see your questions or the published responses; this is an asset specific to My Business Coach members.

7.) If you find yourself struggling to achieve your goals or needing someone to help keep you moving forward, we encourage business owners, especially those wishing to grow their business, to utilize one of our virtual business coaches, as they can help you strengthen your growth strategy and start moving your business forward. [Click here to see our Virtual Coaching options]

Helpful Tips: As a member, feel free to download any of the My Business Coach documents and resources [See User Agreement], however, please note we frequently update our tools, resources and expertise documents, in addition to adding new helpful content. So we encourage members to log-in frequently and check the membership areas to ensure you have the latest and most up-to-date information & resources. If you check-in infrequently, we suggest you solely utilize the files found within the My Business Coach online libraries to ensure you are not using outdated information & resources.



“Growth is painful, but it is so rewarding.”