A Business Coach: Your Secret to Startup Success


Having access to a business coach whenever you have questions or face a challenge is worth its weight in gold. Running a small business is no time or place to apply trial-and-error approaches to solving problems that already have established solutions. A business coach can set you on the path to success by helping you avoid the inevitable period of trial-and-error that bogs down far too many startups.


One place where trial-and-error happens the most is with the launch of a new product. However, this is exactly the one moment in the history of your startup when you absolutely cannot let the fortunes of your company hinge on random luck. What happens if you spend months bringing a product to market, only to find out that customers are only lukewarm about the concept?


That’s when you can really take advantage of the services of a business coach. At My Business Coach, for example, all the advisors already have a long, successful track record of starting and launching businesses. And they can help you come up with the perfect product launch concept. For example, they might help you devise the right process for you and your staff to brainstorm new ideas and evaluate them, so that you can move forward with ideas that are both innovative and practical.


Moreover, business coaches can play an important role when it comes to developing the perfect business process. What is the perfect process, for example, for accepting new customer orders, fulfilling them, and then shipping them out on time. Business coaches have access to best-in-class industry practices, which means they can help you set up a business the way the professionals do.


Another place where trial-and-error happens a lot is with brand identity and overall brand message. Many startups have a sort of split personality, where they can’t really decide what they want to be when they grow up. As much as they use all the right buzzwords and adopt all the industry lingo, it almost seems as if can’t really decide how they want to be perceived in the broader marketplace.


A business coach can really help you solidify your branding and identity, and help you also come up with a mission statement, a vision statement, and a clear articulation of your values. This really matters when it comes to hiring new employees, signing up new vendors and taking on new clients. People need to understand what you stand for, and how your business is different from that of your nearest competitors.


So, you can really see how having a business coach at your side any time you have questions or face a challenge is worth its weight in gold. Instead of having to guess at the right solution – and possibly, coming up with several wrong solutions before stumbling upon the right solution – you can have the trusted advice and insights of business experts who can help you to arrive at the right answer. Don’t confuse “trial-and-error” with concepts like continuous improvement or rapid prototyping. Trial-and-error means stumbling along the startup path, uncertain of where to go next. To avoid that common problem, why not think about engaging the services of an online business coach to guide you on that journey?